New Electric Cars: Toyota i-Road

July 22, 20148528650312_5acd103426_z

It seems like every day there’s a new electric car on the market claiming to be so different from all the rest. It can be hard to differentiate all of them too. But the Toyota i-Road, a total new concept in  electric cars, is taking sustainable transportation to a whole new level.

Few electric cars have caught people’s attention like the Toyota i-Road electric car because it’s a three-wheeler, small, moves swiftly and looks uniquely cool. But before you get all excited, it’s not out yet. It’s still being tested in Europe, which is expected to last for three years. This October, 70 cars are launching in Grenoble, France as a part of a public transportation car-sharing test series for the “Smart City” network. Instead of waiting for a bus or train, a commuter could just pick up a Toyota i-Road electric car at a sharing station and drive to his/her destination after returning the car to another car-sharing station.

Toyota i-road is targeting large, congested cities that generate lots of air pollution from transportation methods. Since it is 100 percent electric, it does not produce greenhouse gas emissions. Its small design makes it so that parking won’t be as big of an issue because more of these electric cars can fit into parking lots.

But one of the most common concerns with this electric car is how people will be able to navigate in it. After all, we are used to driving cars that don’t lean. Well, the Toyota i-Road is combining motorcycle handling techniques with car driving. It will take some practice before drivers will get used to it, but it definitely looks like a fun ride.

Since public bike-sharing stations have gained popularity while reducing air pollution, it is very possible that the Toyota i-Road will be successful. If it is successful, hopefully it could be heading to the U.S. sooner than expected. Check out how the car drives and watch the following videos! -Sheila Headspeth Photo credit: Flickr/ Toyota UK Video Credits: Toyota Motor Europe; Toyota Global Newsroom

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