Top 3 Eco-Friendly Travel News Picks of the Week

July 25, 2014

Summer is the most popular traveling season where people head out on vacation with family and friends. Well, if you’re planning a trip it’s best to do so in the most eco-friendly way possible. Here are the top 3 eco-friendly travel news stories from this week.

Top Eco-Friendly Hotels Around the World 6552219951_e6f440debb_z (1)

If you’re planning on staying away from home, chances are you’re going to stay in a hotel. And if you’re concerned with conserving the environment when making your living arrangements, worry no more because the Huffington Post reported some green hotels for you to choose from. The list includes hotels from all over the world that are less harmful to the environment because they are built using eco-friendly products, provide guests with organic food options, are solar powered, etc. These sound like great eco-friendly travel destinations

A Texas App Gives Eco-Friendly Driving Tips 1471408434_4ba6672feb_z

Are you planning a road trip this summer? Well even if you’re not, you’ll most likely be driving somewhere in the near future. Texas now has an app called Roadcents that can give you eco-friendly driving trips for your journey on the road. reported that the Texas Department of Transportation created an app that provides these money-saving and eco-friendly travel tips for drivers. The app can be downloaded here.

Eco-Friendly Toilets on Trains 4243000269_a4da660cf7_z

If you’ve ever used the bathroom while in-transit somewhere, chances are that you did not think of the environmental impact of it. Well Indian Railways has been thinking about it. The Deccan Chronicle reported that Indian Railways plans to get rid of their direct deposit toilets and replace them with bio-toilets by end of 2021. The direct deposit toilets were polluting the environment because human waste was falling onto train tracks. So disgusting! The bio-toilets will convert human waste into non-corrosive water.

-Sheila Headspeth

Photo Credit: Flickr/Trang Nguyen; Kyle May; kvocal

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