Net-Zero Walgreens

WalgreensOutsideSmallAugust 13, 2014

With the ultimate goal of having a net-zero impact on the environment by means of renewable energy, recycling and composting, Walgreens Evanston retail store has made incredible progress in what is almost a year since its opening.

Walgreens opened their reconstructed Evanston, IL location on November 21, 2013. Their hope was that an analysis one year later would show that the store could generate an equal or greater amount of energy compared to what it consumed. The results, as of now, are promising.

To generate this energy the store has installed 850 solar panels, a geothermal cooling and heating system and two uniquely shaped wind turbines. The store is outfitted with LED lighting and was built with conservative energy practices in mind. There are even electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot.

The Evanston Net-Zero Walgreens is designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification. Since opening, the store has also added a zero-waste to landfill policy. All waste from the store is now sent to recycling and compost facilities.

WalgreensInsideSmallWalgreens is installing solar panels and improving energy efficiency at a number of retail locations. Additionally, the company has been proactively switching to new heating and cooling technologies to improve efficiency and keep spoilable products at more consistent temperatures. This is all part of Walgreens’ “PURE” program, through which they have been working towards long-term corporate sustainability.

Walgreens Net-Zero retail store, located at 635 Chicago Avenue in Evanston, IL, has drawn national attention and now serves as a model for retail architecture and design.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Walgreens Photo Archives

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