Top Eco-Volunteer Opportunities

August 15, 2014

With summer ending and fall in sight, this tends to be a time when people begin to bore of the freedoms of the long hot days. Here are our favorite eco volunteer opportunities for people looking to make a difference.

West: Fork it Over in Portland, Oregon is the perfect volunteer opportunity for people passionate about improving the food industry. The program is designed to connect food businesses with food rescue agencies in order to reduce food waste and help feed the hungry. Volunteers are sent to the nearest food rescue agency to pick up food, prepare and serve food, sort and inspect donations, and organize storage facilities. Click here to apply.

Midwest: The Historic Wagner Farm in Glenview, Illinois is looking for volunteers to help with their community garden. Volunteers will be expected to participate in gardening as well as answer questions from visitors about gardening, organic practices, and life on a dairy farm in the 1920s. This is the perfect opportunity for someone passionate about gardening, sustainability, and education. Click here to apply.

East: The Audubon Society of Northern Virginia is doing amazing work to protect birds and other wildlife habitats. Their volunteer opportunities have a wide range of categories: education (workshops, walks, field trips), conservation (wildlife surveys and counts, native planting, data collection), and advocacy (public meetings, staffing booths, meet with elected officials). Click here to apply.

South: The Capital Area Animal Welfare Society in Baton Rouge, Louisiana needs volunteers to help with the dog rooms. Volunteers would be asked to come for either a morning shift or a night shift, each four hours long, and help feed, exercise, and clean up after the large dogs that live here. This is a group of people passionate about dogs and their welfare and is looking for volunteers who feel the same. Click here to apply.

Abroad: The African Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe offers 2-12 week volunteer opportunities. This is an organization that helps to rehabilitate injured, abandoned, and captive animals, and release them back into the wild. Volunteers are not expected to have any prior experience because all training is provided. Volunteering here entails feeding, preparing food, cleaning enclosures, providing enrichment to animals, building enclosures, and assisting in local education about carnivores, primates, birds of prey, snakes, and domestic animals. Click here to apply.

Whether you’re passionate about conservation, sustainability, wildlife, health, or more, there are always opportunities for volunteers worldwide.

–Malissa Stark

Photo Credit: Flickr/ 2941228023_c01e9a749b_zBTCV York Youth

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