Boston Composting Program

September 17, 2014

The Boston Community Composting Program is in full swing. Eco News Network is proud that Boston, our home city, is committed to not only Boston composting but eco-awareness, energy reduction, and environmental conservation across the city. 

Frontside-1024x731“Composting is important for Boston’s growing urban agriculture movement and meeting our waste reduction goals, said Mayor Martin J. Walsh in an article on Greenovate Boston. “This program demonstrates Boston’s commitment to composting and willingness to try new approaches.”

The Boston composting program offers food scrap drop off your food scraps at five new locations: Dudley Square, Ashmont, Roslindale, North End, and East Boston. If you live in the North End or East Boston, you can bring your food scraps to a 24/7 collection container called “Oscar,” but you must sign up first by emailing or calling 617-635-3850.

Don’t know what you can compost or how to get started? Click here for more information on Boston composting including what, when, and where you can compost. You can also share your composting stories on twitter @GreenovateBos or #CompostBos!Flyer-Backside-1024x731

Why compost? According to Greenovate Boston, it helps prevent pollution by diverting waste from landfills, helps enrich poor soil, and cleans up contaminated soils by eliminating pesticides and toxins in the ground. It can reduce the need for water, fertilizer and pesticides, and can be sold as a valuable produce to local farms and gardeners. Boston also has a growing urban agriculture movement and composting is an inexpensive and green way to fertilize your crops with your food scraps!

If you can’t make the farmer’s markets or don’t live near a Project Oscar collection bin, the City of Boston sells discounted compost bin and food scrap collection buckets, so you can compost at home. Or, if you have a garbage disposal, you can send your food scraps down your kitchen sink, where they will be turned into renewable energy and fertilizer at Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Facility.

Visuals provided by City of Boston Office of Environment, Energy and Open Space & Greenovate Boston

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