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October 17, 2014GFA CORN

Danny Boome, TV personality and Chef known is back on television with a new network and show Good Food America premiering nationally on Sunday, October 19 at 9 p.m. ET. on Z Living (formerly Veria Living). Eco News Network recently caught up with Boome to find out more about Good Food America and his approach to sustainable, organic eating. We also asked him to share one of his favorite recipes with our readers.

Previously the host of two hit shows: ABC Daytime’s Recipe Rehab and Food Network/The Cooking Channel’s Donut Showdown, now Boome takes to the GFA_Danny_Outsidestreets (literally) on a culinary adventure across America (think: Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, but with far less calories and a super charming English accent). Each Sunday night Boome will reveal the nation’s best organic, sustainable, and healthy restaurants and uncover regional gems, native ingredients, and homegrown talent from Maine to California.

Here’s what he had to say about the show and the organic food behind it.

Eco News Network: What gave you the idea for the show?
DB: The shows concept is to demonstrate to America that good food is around every corner, and no matter where you look you’ll find a restaurant, chef and menu that is creating something amazing out of just a few simple fresh and locally sourced ingredients. My partners at Two River Productions and I also wanted to flip the mystique that every food/travel show had to be about how much you could eat to win a T-shirt, and more about how our country is really embracing the roots of good organic food and being entertained by what they are tasting from white table dining to actual diners!

Eco News Network: Can you give us a few highlights out of the sustainable/organic restaurants you plan to profile?
DB: To be honest everywhere we went was a highlight as each place I went upped your expectations from the last, the message was the same, “we will only serve the best locally sourced food” three places stood out to me Green is San Antonio TX, two guys that owed a family coffee shop, that actually had the claim of serving America’s largest Cinnabun, dropped of that business to create an organic, vegan, Kosher diner, the results AMAZING! VEG in Philadelphia PA, is a high end dining restaurant that serves no meat and crushes the competition by serving the humble carrot 6 six ways! Lucky Penny in Santa Barbara CA, a cute little coffee / brunch place that is serving new thinking in really, really good simple bites!

Eco News Network: What about one of your favorite recipes?
DB: Here you go!ROW04 Seared Salmon & Kale[2] copy

Eco News Network: Are you seeing trends in certain areas of the country related to organic food and healthy eating?
DB: The biggest trend that you will see is that we are a nation that is taking healthy eating forward. We are educating ourselves to be more conscious shoppers, eaters and guardians of our food source. People are changing the way they consume out of respect for ourselves and are now taking time to shop, source ingredients, and better understand how to cook the food we put into our bodies.  I think in time, we will drop the “healthy” and just call it eating. In fact I don’t believe that eating healthy is a “right now” trend, it’s been there since day one, we just got a little lazy along the way, and now we are waking up to the benefits and what is accessible to us and Good Food America celebrates that.

Eco News Network: What are the top three things Eco News Network readers should know when trying to select an organic/sustainable restaurant or when they are buying organic food?
DB: First things first, a high majority of restaurants in the U.S. have the self-respect to source as locally as possible and to support sustainable practices. Choosing a good one, well that’s all down to (A) reputation (B) The Chef and (C) The menu! A good restaurant will wear their practices with pride and inform you of all the sources of their products. Their staff will be able to inform you with knowledge and enthusiasm (not pretension) and what every good buyer of organic fresh and sustainable food should always do, buy Seasonal!

Eco News Network: What are the organic foods you use most in your own cooking?
DB: In my house it’s everything! We shop seasonal and fresh, and if I have time daily…We eat broccoli and kale like it’s going out of fashion, especially with seasonal squash, marrows and my beloved quinoa!

Z Living is available nationally through satellite and cable networks as well as through which allows you to watch on your computer or on any mobile device.

Here’s a list of some of the great places Boome plans to visit during the 2014 season of Good Food America.

October 19
Saratoga Springs, NY – Chianti il Ristorante
Portland, ME – Fore Street
Boston, MA -Bon Me

October 2
Philadelphia, PA – Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen
Providence, RI – Nick’s on Broadway
Boston, MA – Oleana

November 2
Santa Barbara, CA – Scarlett Begonias
Denver, CO – Ace
Albuquerque, NM – Pasion Latin Fusion

November 9
Kennebunkport, ME – Earth
Philadelphia, PA – Strangelove’s
Newport, RI – Castle Hill

November 16
Washington, DC – Beuchert’s Saloon
Asheville, NC – Nine Mile
Richmond, VA – Bistro Bobette

November 23
Boston, MA – Henrietta’s Table
Saratoga Springs, NY – Mouzon House
Newport, RI – Asterick

November 30
Santa Fe, NM – Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café
New Orleans, LA – Peche
Santa Barbara, CA – Lucky Penny

December 7
Philadelphia, PA – Vedge Restaurant
Evanston, IL – Found Kitchen and Social House
Brattleboro, VT – The Gleanery

December 14
New Orleans, LA – Cane & Table
Santa Fe, NM – Mu Du Noodles
Phoenix, AZ – Pomegranate Café

December 21
Austin, TX – Olivia Austin
Boulder, CO – Kitchen Bistro
Los Angeles, CA – Pulse Café

December 28
San Antonio, TX – Green Vegetarian Cuisine
San Diego, CA – Muzita Bistro
Scottsdale, AZ – Fresh Mint

Photos provided by the Lippin Group on behalf of Danny Boome/Good Food America.

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