Kigo Leads the Eco Footwear Scene

October 22, 2014kigoasd

Many experts throughout history have dubbed flip flops “the most dangerous shoes to wear”. Plantar faciitis, long term arch and heel pain are among some of the common foot problems that result from it. Companies spend millions of dollars advertising the most comfortable shoe or the coolest, but not many consider advertising for health, most efficient or cruelty-free additions. They especially don’t go for all of the above. Kigo promises this and it is one of the reasons Kigo is leading the eco footwear scene. 

Kigo Footwear is a vegan-friendly, minimalist design shoe company. They offer eco footwear including performance running shoes as well as casual shoes made almost completely out of recycled plastic bottle composition, rubber and vegetable oil.

“When you wear it, you are currently purchasing with a purpose in terms of supporting a social impact as well as just being good to your feet and your body and not doing anything to harm the Earth,” said Co-founder Kristin Serrano.

Serrano states Kigo eco footwear allows the body to “comfort and move as it was naturally intended” without constricting your feet in any way.

“Anyone, regardless of whether they’re committed to vegan-ism or care about barefoot or minimalist running or any shoes, the reality is Kigo eco footwear is comfort footwear,” said Serrano.

In the past year Kigo switched manufacturing from China to Mexico in order to shorten their carbon footprint. “We strive to find new partners and continuously improve our processes and our supply chain,” said Serrano. “That way we as a company are being responsible and are hopefully supplying a product to our customers that they’re going to like and that they’re going to feel good about wearing.”

The company also has a “takeback program” for when the shoes are no longer of any use.

“Once the shoes are worn we have partners that make sure that the shoes are recycled and up-cycled to make sure that the shoes don’t end up in a landfill,” said Serrano.

Kigo Footwear is currently teaming up with “Soles for Soles” this holiday season, a campaign dedicated to eliminating poverty throughout the world. All Kigo shoes from now through December have a discount of twenty-five dollars and one additional pair gets donated to Soles for Soles.

-Chantelle Navarro

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