Top 5 Energy Efficient States

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The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEE) recently published a yearly scorecard reporting on how well states are doing in their efficiency practices. The scorecard, based on “the progress of state policies and programs that save energy while also benefiting the environment and promoting economic growth,” ranks Massachusetts as number 1 out of the top five energy efficient states.

Here are the ACEE’S top five most energy efficient states and why:

5. Vermont has improved their environment and conserved on average 98050 mWh from residents in the past decade, according to the Efficiency Vermont, a non-profit organization in charge of their efforts. To put it in perspective, the average light bulb one person is recommended to have is only 15 mWh.


4. Oregon is in the process of a booming job market for renewable energy. According to the Oregon Department of Energy, their plan the past few years was to create more jobs by building more wind farms and solar panels for residents.


3. Rhode Island is made up of a lot of waterways and beaches, many of which are top tourist spots. According to the Conservation Law Foundation, they focus mainly on energy conserving through utilizing many natural resources for renewable energy. In that manner they can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and pollution while conserving energy in a healthy way for the residents at the same time.


2. California focuses many of their efforts in nature conservation as well as energy efficiency. According to a bipartisan report released last year, residents as a whole have saved about 65 million dollars since the 1970’s thanks to energy conservation. The state is now focusing its efforts on controlling carbon-warming carbon pollution.


1. Massachusetts has scored in first for ACEE for the fourth year in a row. This is due a great deal to the Green Communities Act where residents of the state get incentives for conserving energy in efforts to get more people involved.

-Chantelle Navarro

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