Eco Gift Guide: Eco-friendly Electronics

December 18th, 2014

 6718531691_6d8e79daef_oSometimes it can get hard to decide what to get those loved ones of yours. If you procrastinated this long and still have some last-minute gifts to get…here are some handy, eco-friendly electronic gifts that are sure to step away from the norm and be enjoyed long after the holiday season!

phone charger



Emergency Clock Radio Phone Charger It’s safe to say that humans are more attached to their phones nowadays than they are to each other. With social networks and gaming made this accessible, it’s practical to always have a back up way to charge your “lifeline” of a device. The Emergency Clock Radio Phone Charger includes “a florescent light flashlight and phone charger for any phone made my Motorola, Nokia or Samsung.”




Green Speakers Take the party with you with some Eco-friendly speakers. The “green” part about them is that they don’t use all of the bad chemicals like lead and cadmium and are made from 70% recycled material. Most of the models are made to adapt to any iPod, iPhone or other regular headphone jack. Since they plug straight into your phone they don’t even need a battery. There’s a lot of different types available, the model shown is available at Urban Outfitters and even comes with colored pencils to personalize them.

H2O-Water-Powered-Shower-Radio-400x291 (1)Water-powered radio For those of you who like to sing in the shower, now there’s a device that plugs straight into your faucet. The H2o Radio is the first of its kind; it uses the water pressure that you already have running to keep clean as its power supply. Turn up the tunes with the micro turbine that weighs less than a pound.

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Water Clock Stop wasting batteries or energy and use the power of water and ions instead to tell time. Water clocks are available all over the internet and usually range anywhere from seven to $30. It uses water itself and the science in the two poles as its own battery. Since they don’t use any chemicals in the design, there’s also no carbon dioxide waste that goes into the product.



mower Robotic Lawn Mower Sometimes mowing the lawn can be a hassle. If you’re Eco-conscience, utilizing petroleum or diesel in such an excess amount can seem like a hassle as well. Husqvarna has bypassed that moral dilemma by providing a solution-A fully automatic solar-powered lawn mower. It wastes zero emissions and can even be controlled on your smartphone. It may be pricier but on the bright side, it kind of looks like a mini Bat-mobile.

Embrace the power of water and solar technology alike this holiday season when it comes to gift-giving. Send us your ideas for any eco-friendly, handy electronics as well!

-Chantelle Navarro

Photo Credit: Flickr/bsabarnowl,