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January 6, 2015Love Hummus classic flower

Eco News Network loves to readers about great food and sustainable businesses. This week we feature a post by a mom named Donna Sky who turned her love of healthy, organic food into a business.

A few years ago, I was at the grocery store scouring the shelves for some really delicious organic hummus for my husband and daughter from a company with sustainable business practices and top-notch homemade taste. After my search left me empty-handed, inspiration struck and the idea for the Love & Hummus Co. was born.

Now fast forward to the end of 2014 and after yet another successful year in the hummus business, I’m happy to say that we’re currently under construction for our first Love & Hummus Co. store in the family-friendly Visitacion Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. I’m excited Love & Hummus will be part of the new commercial growth in the area and can’t wait to be a positive part of the community.

Bria and SerifinaWhen I started Love & Hummus Co., I knew I wanted to stay true to my beliefs about living and doing things in a sustainable way. I wanted to be a role model to my daughter, and I was inspired by the sustainable living movement happening in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I did research to find out what food manufacturers and vendors can do to foster healthier communities, so I could contribute to those efforts. Currently Love & Hummus works with local suppliers, directly with a chick pea farmer, and we donate to environmental education programs. We made sure that our jars of Love & Hummus are all clean products with transparent ingredient lists with no additives, preservatives, emulsifiers or fillers. Our hummus line is also certified organic so all the ingredients are grown without pesticides! Our chickpeas in our falafel are certified organic, as are our tahini dips. It was very fascinating for me to not only go through the steps of making sure these things were certified but also learning what all of it means to our greater community and to the environment.

Glass is greener and 80% gets recycled while only 4% plastic does. Knowing that, I placed a lot of thought into the packaging for my products. Although I’m proud to say that Love & Hummus is currently the only hummus company in the country supplying fresh hummus in BPa-free glass jars, I am encouraged that more will join me soon and am happy that in some way I may inspire other food brands to start using more sustainable packaging or work directly with local farms like us.BEST Love Hummus jars in row

At the end of the day, if more food brands opt for sustainable packaging and use of locally sourced fresh ingredients, we will all benefit as a community. A greener world and healthy eating are key ingredients in sustaining the environment and bringing all our worlds positively together.

-Donna Sky 

Photo Credit: Love and Hummus

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