5 Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day


Sure, Valentine’s Day is usually about red and pink, but green is where it’s at if you want to get healthy and spark some passion this year. There are a lot of drugs on the market to get couples in the mood, but trying something natural is better for your bod. Check out these herbal aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day!

This super popular root comes from an herb of the Panax family and is believed to have many health benefits. Ginseng contains compounds like tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins (similar to steroids) and are believed to enhance sexual performance and energy.

Arugula is definitely the most seductive green around. While being delicious and strong in flavor, it has also been regarded as an aphrodisiac since the first century. It is loaded with multiple minerals essential to sexual health. With good reason it has been nicknamed the salad rocket!

An herb believed to have been used for lovemaking by Cleopatra herself, Saffron is one of the best natural remedies for getting in the mood. Crocin, a natural carotenoid chemical and antioxidant found in the saffron threads is what is said to be responsible for the magic.


Horny Goat Weed:
One blunt Chinese goat herder dubbed this plant (in quite a direct way) after he witnessed his goats getting it on. The goats gobbled up the weeds and then became especially romantic. The science behind this weird weed is that it dilates blood vessels and allows the hormone-boosted blood to reach sensitive parts of the body. Bonus: it lowers blood pressure.

The scent of basil is said to have an arousing effect on the brain. Is this where Italians get their romantic reputations from? Perhaps you should buy some tomatoes and mozzarella while you are at the store for a delicious Caprese salad this V-day.

With all these natural remedies around that will arouse the senses, there is no doubt that this Valentine’s Day will be especially romantic and healthy!

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Flickr/the marmot, woodleywonderworks

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