2015 Most Eco Friendly States

April 20, 2015

The 2015 Most & Least Eco Friendly States report was released today by WalletHub. The report says that Vermont, Oregon, and New York are the most eco friendly states. Louisiana takes top (or bottom) honors as the least eco friendly state with Texas and Kentucky not far ahead. Interesting that the New England states, except Maine, which came in at number 12, all made the top 10 most eco friendly states. California, a long-time  leader in environmental regulation, ranked number 15.most-least-eco-friendly-states-blue-vs-red-image

WalletHub, a personal finance website, compared each state using 14 key metrics that speak to the health of the current environment as well as the environmental impact of people’s daily habits. Metrics included air and water quality, energy and gas consumption, recycling, and LEED buildings per capita.

10 Most Eco-Friendly States:

1. Vermont

2. Oregon

3. New York

4. Minnesota

5. Massachusetts

6. Washington

7. New Hampshire

8. Rhode Island

9. Connecticut

10. Hawaii

10 Least Eco Friendly States:

50. Louisiana

49. Texas

48. Kentucky

47. Indiana

46. Alabama

45. West Virginia

44. Arkansas

43. Delaware

42. Oklahoma

41. Wyoming

A few highlights of the report that might surprise you:

  • Blue States are more eco-friendly than Red States, with average rankings of 15.9 and 35.9, respectively (1 = Best).
  • Hawaii has three-times as much municipal solid waste per capita than Missouri.
  • Maine recycles 48-times more of its municipal solid waste than Louisiana.
  • New York’s per capita carbon footprint is 14-times higher than Wyoming’s.
  • The percentage of energy consumption from renewable sources is 20-times higher in Oregon than in Delaware.
  • New Mexico has 7-times as many alternative fueled vehicles on the road per capita than West Virginia.
  • The percentage of people who do not drive themselves to work is three-times higher in New York than in Alabama.most-and-least-eco-friendly-states-badge

For the full report and to see where your state ranks visit http://wallethub.com/edu/most-least-eco-friendly-states/11987/

Visuals provided courtesy of wallethub.com

-JE Forbes

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