Eden Turns Ugly Fruit into Healthy Juice

April 20, 2015

Nobody’s perfect right? Same is true for fruits and vegetables. May not always look perfect on the outside but inside the good taste and nutritional health benefits are just the same. With that idea, Eden is launching its quest to turn imperfectly shaped fruits and vegetables into cold-pressed juices that taste great and are good for you too.EdenIMG_6366a copy

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) rejection of food products on the basis of aesthetic or safety concerns is often another a major cause of food losses and waste. In some cases, farmers discard between 20-40 percent of their fresh produce because it doesn’t meet retailer’s cosmetic specifications.

Not only is the country wasting almost half of its food, Feeding America reports that nearly 15 million American kids go hungry every day without access to nutritious food.c11fee9b3ab8c6402dd05627e2887a17_original

Ryan Caplin, co-founder of Eden, said, “We need to educate our generation about what really matters with food. We need to start assigning value to our food based on nutrition, not superficial standards. And we need to become smarter in the way we consume those foods.”

Eden_logo_377(Vertical)Hashtag copyBy using that food to manufacture Eden cold-pressed juices, the company will reduce some of that food waste, while providing a healthy nutritious and delicious alternative. In the future the company hopes to provide the juices at a reduced price to underserved children at schools in certain areas of the country.

Creating accessible fresh, cold-pressed juices from imperfectly shaped fruits and vegetables, Eden hopes will help limit the amount of food waste created in the U.S. while redefining the definition of perfection and making healthy meals and snacks available to everyone.

“Companies like Eden are important because of their belief that diversity and imperfections aren’t flaws to be corrected but traits to be celebrated,” says Daniel Blake, co-founder of Eden.

Eco News Network asked Eden to tell us more about the company, which is launching its Kickstarter campaign today.

ENN – Are the juices currently being produced and where are they available?

Eden – Yes, we are currently producing juices and they will be available online initially with the goal of selling in retail locations as well.

ENN – Can you tell us a bit about the background of the people behind Eden?

Eden – Everyone at Eden has worked at successful startups before. Daniel Blake, co-founder of Eden has been featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine, named an all-star student entrepreneur by Forbes Magazine, named one of the most promising social entrepreneurs in America by Bloomberg BusinessWeek and has been featured on the Discovery Channel for his efforts in recycling (all prior to turning 25…).

ENN – Where does Eden get their imperfect fruits and vegetables?

Eden – We are working with various wholesale producers and providers as well as directly with farmers to source the produce and make sure that they know we want to take their differently shaped produce instead of having them throw it away.

ENN – Where is the company based? Where will the juices be produced?

Eden – The Company is based in Utah but production will happen in New Jersey.

ENN – For the actual juice “recipes” are they working with a nutritionist? Chef?

Eden – The juices are currently being tested for the nutritional information so we can release that once we get confirmation from our food lab. We have developed the juices ourselves. We are all avid juicers and have focused on the benefits of each produce item as well as making sure we have a balance of fruits and veggies in each drink while also making sure that they taste great.04cac187f0f87a17ad6d818edaf238da_original

You can check out Eden and the company’s Kickstarter campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1818775118/eden-juice-cold-pressed-from-differently-shaped-pr. Eden is offering Kickstarter funding perks ranging from branded Eden T-shirts to multi-day juice cleanses to monthly and even yearly juice subscriptions!

If you opt in to receive future communications from Eden you will be registered in the company Rafflecopter giveaway. Interested? Go to http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/0f9fce1c13/

This post was sponsored by Eden. #drinkeden

All photos provided by Eden.

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