Most Walkable Cities 2015

April 8, 2015

New York, San Francisco, and Boston make the top three most walkable cities list for 2015. Compiled by Walk Score®, The Most Walkable Cities of 2015 list is based on walking routes, the depth of choice of amenities, pedestrian friendliness, population and neighborhood data from 2,500 U.S. cities. High Line Park

“New York is clearly leading the way in walkability by reclaiming space from cars for people,” said Matt Lerner, Walk Score co-founder. “One look at Times Square shows how New York has become a leader. It’s just one example of a place that went from being a gridlocked road full of cars to a park for pedestrians.”

Highlights from The Most Walkable Cities of 2015 report include:

  • Miami has become more walkable over the past four years, with a 3-point Walk Score increase, likely thanks to a surge of commercial development.
  • Detroit has seen a 2.2-point Walk Score increase to 52.2 this year, thanks to Dan Gilbert’s initiative to move his company, Quicken Loans, and others downtown, sparking a migration not only of people but also restaurants and small businesses into the heart of the city.
  • New Orleans also saw a modest increase from a Walk Score of 55.6 in 2011 to 56.3 today as the city rebuilds from Katrina with walkability in mind.

Here’s the top 10:

Rank City Walk Score
1 New York 87.6
2 San Francisco 83.9
3 Boston 79.5
4 Philadelphia 76.5
5 Miami 75.6
6 Chicago 74.8
7 Washington D.C. 74.1
8 Seattle 70.8
9 Oakland 68.5
10 Baltimore 66.2

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