Recycle Clothing into Cash for Schools

April 15, 2015

Looking in the closets around my house, I know that a spring closet cleaning sweep is a must. So I started to look into new ways to recycle clothing instead of dropping it in a parking lot donation box and not knowing if it would ever emerge again. What I found was Schoola, a way for quality children’s clothes to get a second life and benefit the school of your choice.Schoola SF Projects

Schoola, the creation of Stacey Boyd, is working with 9,000 schools nationwide contributing to some amazing projects. Schoola keeps an art program alive in San Francisco, brought new computers to classrooms in St Louis, and the top earning school in the Bronx (New York) has earned over $22,000 to keep its orchestra playing.kipp-007

“Schoola is a wonderful way for all of us to make sure that our kids have the greatest opportunity to reach their fullest potential” – Stacey Boyd

A former teacher and school principal and mother of two, Boyd saw firsthand how children who struggled in math could come alive in music class. She also saw how widespread budget cuts were jeopardizing the future of critical programs like art, music and P.E. and was determined to find a solution. Dedicated to putting paintbrushes, books, baseballs and violins back into the hands of children, Boyd launched Schoola in the 2012/2013 school year and the success is exciting.Schoola SF Projects

Parents recycle clothing by sending in gently used children’s clothing, postage paid to Schoola in a bag they provide to you. Items are listed for sale at at amazing prices. Quality clothes get a second life. Schools receive proceeds from every item sold.

Schoola is getting noticed as an innovative platform for school fundraising – leveraging smart technology and the sharing economy.

Kristina Salen, CFO of Etsy calls Schoola “an amazing mash up of community building, up-cycling and commerce.”

It’s easy to get started.

1. Donate quality children’s clothes. Anyone can donate on behalf of their school by simply requesting a postage paid donation bag from the Schoola website. Check out the FAQs page to find out more facts. Or a School can kick off a fundraising drive by emailing

2. Shop at Schoola is a place where anyone can shop, get great deals on pre-loved clothing from top brands, and have a lasting benefit with 40% of proceeds going right back to schools.

Schoola is eco innovation for a great cause.

Photos courtesy of Schoola.

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