Five Tips for Growing Fuller Eyelashes

June 16, 2015

Growing fuller eyelashes naturally is not as difficult as you might think. And, it beats having to use heavy mascara with all of those nasty chemicals that can irritate you eyes and take away from your carefree natural beauty. Check out these five tips for growing fuller eyelashes and achieve long-term, lasting results.

6653211121_fec56594391. Remove Makeup using Coconut Oil
Removing eye makeup at night is extremely important. If you don’t remove the dirt and bacteria from your lashes, they can clump together and fall out. Also you want to make sure you have clean eyes so hair follicles can breathe. Instead of using a makeup remover, use either coconut oil or olive oil to take off eye makeup. Wash your face and then with an angled q-tip put a tiny bit of oil on the base of your lash lines. The key is to really just put a little or else if may get in your eyes and that is no fun. Check out how to use it to re-grow your eyebrows here.

2. Brush Your Lashes
That sounds kind of funny but it works for growing fuller eyelashes. Using a tiny little eyelash comb prevents eyelashes from sticking together and from breaking off when you apply mascara. You can find little, tiny eyelash combs that look like they were made for dolls. Cute.

3. Massage Your Lids
Massaging your eyelids seems strange but it will help stimulate the hair follicles on your lash line and you will soon see new hairs sprouting.

4. Diet
Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, veggies, and lean protein (eggs, fish, chicken) is important for all hair growth, even eyelash growth.

5. Vitamin E
Try applying vitamin E oil to your eyelashes at night or early in the morning, vitamin E is essential for healthy hair follicles so you may also want to try some vitamin E supplements.

We hope growing fuller eyelashes with these five natural tips will work for you!

-Monica Bologna

Remember – Always test any beauty product or regimen on a small isolated area to ensure that it is compatible with your body and non-irritating.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Kalexanderson