How to Start a Culinary Herb Garden

June 17, 2015

Did you know that the 10 most popular culinary herbs are basil, thyme, bay, sage, oregano, chives, dill, parsley, rosemary, and mint? If you love to cook, it’s not to late to start a culinary herb garden and enjoy the culinary benefits all summer and fall season. Even urban gardeners can start a culinary herb garden in pots in a sunny window or on a deck.

Herb Garden ©Eco News NetworkHere are six tips from 50 Ways to go Green and our friends at Deckopedia Publishing to get you started with a culinary herb garden:

1. Choose herbs based on your favorite cuisine

2. Buy plants that are already started from the garden store to get a jump start

3. Buy organic potting soil if doing potted herbs or add compost to regular garden soil to boost moisture retention and nutritional value

4. Pick a sunny spot and remember that all herbs need water

Rosemary ©Eco News Network5. Harvest herbs before they flower if possible but you can use them all summer long. Cut off flower buds when you see them developing to keep the foliage coming. Herb flowers are also great for bouquets with other mixed flowers.

6. Herb lore is great fun to read about including the medicinal and cosmetic uses for many herbs. There are lots of books available that provide the meaning and the medicinal uses for herbs. The Cook’s Herb Garden is one of many available on

So instead of piling on the salt, follow these simple tips to start a culinary herb garden and add flavor to your culinary dishes in a healthy way.

Happy Gardening!

-JE Forbes

For more tips and how to be eco friendly, check out Deckopedia’s 50 Ways to Go Green available for $19.95 at A sturdy deck of cards offering easy, earth-friendly ways to become more eco conscious. What’s even better is that Deckopedia Publishing is a proud member of 1% For the Planet and is donating 1% of its sales of 50 Ways to Go Green to Grades of Green.

Photo credit: Top: Herbs in Pots – iStock © uuurska


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