Recycle Clothing to Benefit Schools

June 25, 2015

We recently posted about Schoola, a unique way for quality children’s clothes to get a second life while benefiting schools and we have an update to that story. Now women recycle clothing and can get in on the act to help schools earn even more! In addition to kids’ outfits, moms can now donate their own clothes and shop for fabulous gently worn clothes to upgrade their own wardrobe for a fraction of the retail cost with 40% of the proceeds going to the school of their choice.kipp-007

Schoola is working with 9,000 schools nationwide to help contribute to their needs – from art and music program to bringing new computers into classrooms. The beauty of the program is in its simplicity. Anyone can recycle clothing and donate on behalf of a school by requesting a postage paid donation bag from Schoola to be shipped to their door. Donated clothes are then placed in the bag and mailed back to Schoola to be sold online. Not only is it easy to do and beneficial to schools, there is the added benefit and environmental importance of recycling clothes as Eco News Network wrote about in this article on tackling textile waste.

Once items are sold, Schoola sends a portion of the recycle clothing sale proceeds back to the school designated by the donator. With the help of Schoola, schools can organize community clothing drives to increase fundraising returns.

The site has been a go-to for budget savvy moms seeking out great deals on pre-loved garments from top children brands but now amazing deals are available to fill up their own closets too.

Schoola - Womens clothes (2)[10]From the all-American mom to college student, Schoola provides an impressive casual to formal selection of pants, blouses, skirts and dresses to match every woman’s style for adventures at home and on the go.

“It’s no secret the education system continues to fight an uphill battle financially,” said Schoola Founder and CEO, Stacey Boyd.   “We’re thrilled to now offer women’s clothes for purchase at Schoola to further increase fundraising opportunities for schools nationwide.”Schoola - Womens clothes (1)[13]

Check out Schoola. You might even find some great summer clothes for your family and give back to the school of your choice at the same time.

It’s easy to get started!

1. Donate quality women or children’s clothes. Anyone can donate on behalf of their school by simply requesting a postage paid donation bag from the Schoola website. Check out the Schoola FAQs page to find out more facts or for women’s clothing information click here.

2. Fundraising for your school. Schools can kick off a fundraising drive by emailing

3. Shop at Schoola is a place where anyone can shop, get great deals on pre-loved clothing from top brands, and have a lasting benefit with 40% of proceeds going right back to schools.

Read more about Schoola in this April 2015 Eco News Network article.

Schoola is eco innovation for a great cause.

Photos courtesy of Schoola.

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