Eco-Artisans: Fair Trade Crafts

November 18, 2015

At Hand Crafting Justice you can find thousands of artisan-made items from around the world. Clothing, jewelry, indigenous art and décor, all come at superbly reasonable prices through this Fair Trade Federation Member and Green America certified organization. The organization lends both hands to help their eco-artisans by generously providing grants for tools and equipment, among other things.

ArtisansEnjoyingOutdoorsinUgandaAs an independently managed non-profit founded by Sisters of the Good Shepherd, the primary goal of Hand Crafting Justice is to fight the trend of outsourcing without apt compensation, a trend that can make buying clothing, art and just about everything, a moral dilemma. By working with their producers to improve practices and respond to trends, Hand Crafting Justice has shown that their number one focus is to help disadvantaged eco-artisans in developing nations. With the range of items offered at Hand Crafting Justice, from handbags to hats, you’ll have plenty of options. So, rather that scour the web for gifts to fit each recipient’s taste, get holiday presents for the whole family, for friends, and for yourself, and know you’ve helped the craftswomen who made them.

Peruvian Artisans

Peruvian Artisans

This sustainable and eco-friendly line from Hand Crafting Justice includes hand-made delights made of recycled and upcycled materials, as well as natural materials like hemp. Giving eco-artisans the opportunity to earn what they deserve has far-reaching positive impacts, which start with empowering local producers and curbing the power of international monopolies. An authentic craft isn’t going to be made of petroleum byproducts like plastic, either, and it will often be made of plant fibers or other naturally occurring materials.

Fashionable, eco-conscious girlfriends? These Tagua Earrings from Peru are made from dried tagua nut and come in three sets of rich colors.

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Know someone who’s always pulling a quarter from one pocket, a dime from another and a dollar out of their left sock? Help them get their liquid assets in order with this banana fiber money purse, which comes in four vibrant patterns.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Hand Crafting Justice

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