Giving Green Art

November 19, 2015

Etsy is hardly new after ten years in business, but it may be overlooked as a source of great, eco-friendly gifts for friends and family. Their work is to distribute for artists and craftspeople, giving each individual a voice and facilitating the reuse of objects that would otherwise enter the waste stream. With 1.5 million active sellers offering 32 million items, Etsy is diverting mountains from landfills. There may not be a better place to search out bargains on reasonably priced antiques, crafts and green art.EtsyOfficeOutside

Beyond offering great gifts, Etsy is a certified Benefit Corporation, meaning they care about their triple bottom line. The Sustainability Commission at Etsy is bringing focus to their missions of carbon neutrality and zero waste, and keeps their activity transparent for those who care to check on their energy and water use, waste creation or shipping policies.

Though they are still in the early phases of this effort, the little things, like low-flow water fixtures and offering used bikes to employees, make a big difference. And some Etsy offices like London (all-renewable power) and Seattle (94% renewable power, remaining 6% offset purchases) are ahead of the curve.

EtsyOfficeEtsy shares the products of artists who care about the environment, whose art is not manufactured, but crafted by the hands of real people. We can’t all close the loop in our waste streams, turning one month’s recycling bin into the decor for the next, but we can support those who do by enjoying their creative projects and green art in its various forms.

With 12,054 pounds of organic waste composted by Etsy offices globally, it is clear that their effort to change is real. The company has done an excellent job at identifying and being transparent about their issues, and it is clear that they will continue work to reduce their carbon footprint.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Etsy:

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