Organic and Fair Trade Gifts

November 24, 2015

Whether you are looking for hand-made, Fair Trade gifts or a diverse selection of jewelry, toys and decor, Eco News Network has completed the search for you. For today’s Green Giving series we’ve found GREENOLA STYLE and Treehouse Green Gifts, two certified sustainable sources of high-quality holiday gifts.

Franz Josef HeinrichsSome say that a little generosity goes a long way. And if that generosity extends beyond the gift recipient to the gift makers? That little generosity is going all the way to Bolivia when you buy fair trade gifts from GREENOLA STYLE, which partners with a Bolivian medical non-profit to help their workers receive health care. Did we mention how luxuriously soft alpaca fur is? Well. We should have.

GREENOLA STYLE is a member of both the Fair Trade Federation and Chicago Fair Trade. The materials used by craftswomen are also environmentally-friendly. Alpaca yarn, besides being uber-soft, requires fewer resources to harvest and naturally repels moisture and scents. By harvesting acai and bombona seeds, GREENOLA STYLE artisans discourage the clear-cutting of both these types of palm trees, and by drying dyed seeds in the sun, the process foregoes emissions from chemical and energy-intensive drying methods.


Treehouse Green Gifts is another great resource for holiday shopping. They are located in Berkeley, CA, and sell organic, recycled, handmade and Fair Trade items, providing a great range of options for anyone looking to surprise friends and family with quality gifts. Jewelry, ceramics, toys for kids and garden decorations, are wrapped in recycled materials and often shipped in re-used boxes.

As a member of the Bay Area Green Business Program, Treehouse Green Gifts must comply with environmental regulations and also follow a number of guidelines involving waste, water and energy tracking. Additionally, it is required that they meet targeted resource conservation and pollution prevention measures, such as providing recycling containers, installing energy-efficient light fixtures and eliminating pesticide use.




-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Flickr/Franz Josef Heinrichs, GREENOLA STYLE, Treehouse Green Gifts

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