Scented Sustainability: Aromatic Soap

November 30, 2015

Bar soaps, bathing salt, lip balm, perfume. You want someone you love to smell good? Look no further. You want someone you love to feel good? Let them know that the scent you’ve just gifted them also paid for a month of clean water and a bar of soap for a child in need.Bill, Courtney & Kids 9.13

Products from Hand in Hand are made for unique environmental and social causes, but they are all part of a movement to change the idea of entrepreneurship. Rather than start a non-profit, the founders of Hand in Hand realized they could start a business and attack two problems at once. The business could offer a sustainable product, improving consumption habits, and profits could be used for charity.Girl, Kids, Washing Hands 9.13
From the start, time was taken to ensure that their soaps, tonics and sprays are produced in a responsible way: cruelty-free, Fair Trade, without palm oil or petrochemicals, depending on what applies (e.g. sea salt isn’t organic because there was no growing involved). Just about everything is vegan and made in America, too.

Founded in 2011, Hand in Hand is set on making the world a better place. So far, the founders, a young couple, have donated 240,000 bars of soap to children in Haiti. The proof of their dedication goes past what they give materially, because they are the ones traveling overseas to help fix and create the clean-water sources they promise.

Soap + Hands 9.13When you buy from Hand in Hand’s Espere Collection you are also donating to empower small businesses with essential loans, and if you should spring for an item in the Rainforest Collection you’ll be saving 100 square feet of rainforest to help save the habitats of apes!

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Hand in Hand

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