Sustainable Tech Gift: A Greener Garden

November 23, 2015

Normally a gardener must pay constant attention to their plants, responding to withering with water and malnutrition with fertilizer. An expert botanist will know when and how to react to a mineral deficit, but don’t we all deserve beautiful gardens? Shouldn’t we all have the opportunity to enjoy a greener garden? Even the experts get busy sometimes and return to a garden in trouble.

Edyn Sensor_Context 1

Edyn products help to anticipate garden troubles, whether they involve soil, water or sun, and keep your garden in shape for you. There are two levels of involvement, one that keeps you informed about your garden and your plants, and the other that handles the watering for you, too. Edyn’s starter product is their sensor, which sends garden information straight to your phone. Insert the sensor in your soil and it will compile sensor and weather data on light, moisture, soil nutrients and temperature to tell you just what your plants need. The accompanying app will help you track the growth of whatever you’re growing, and assist in the planting process so that you configure flora in a way that naturally defends against pests and predicts your harvest. These gadgets create a greener garden in the sense that backyards will be more lush and full of flowers, but also because the sensor is solar powered!

Edyn_1Home_750x1334 Soon you will be able to get the third Edyn project, the one to minimize the time and labor of watering. Just as the sensor communicates to your phone to inform you when to water, your duties will soon be taken on by the Edyn Water Valve, which controls hose flow into your sprinkler or drip-lines. This great little device, which will also be solar powered, will make gardening a walk in the park. Or should we say, a walk in the garden. Because once it’s planted, Edyn will be on top of everything. In fact, while you’re strolling through, just check your phone to see what’s ready for harvest, and enjoy the literal fruits of your not-so-laborious labor!

Understand the state of your garden before you start planting, then plant strategically or be thoroughly informed when you nurture the garden you’ve got. Every gardener will appreciate these invaluable tools. Unfortunately, of now, only the sensor and app are available. Get this for a gardener with a spring birthday and you’ve got the perfect follow up gift!

Edyn Sensor Packaging_ClosedIf you’d rather wait for Edyn to come out with the full set, upcycled sculptures also make great gifts for gardeners who want to decorate between the flowers.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: EDYN

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