Unique Gift Idea: Future Flowers

December 14, 2015

Today’s Greener Giving post is for the ladybug lovers and flower fiends, for the garden geeks, the tree trimmers and the bee-breeding botanists. Share your passion for planting with your friends and family during the holidays by giving customized sets of seeds.

Click on any flower’s image and you’ll be able to buy seeds to suit the tastes of each and every person for whom you need a holiday gift. If you want to complete the gift for those without gardens, check out our posts about wall gardens and self-watering pots!

Velvet Queen


← Velvet Queen Sunflower: At 6 feet tall, this beautiful and unique red sunflower is great for your tallest family members!


Bachelor Button: Drought tolerant and deep blue, great for a hopeless romantic who wants to cut their flower budget.



CA Poppy

California Poppy: Silky orange blossoms for the friends who live in warm climates and don’t have time for maintenance. →

Dwarf Nasturtium Empress of India: Brightly colored and easy to grow, a great gift for kids and new parents.

Sparky Marigold





← Sparky Marigold: For someone who reminds you of a beautiful sunset.



Beneficial Bug Mix: This mix of garden flowers, wildflowers and herbs will bring in the good bugs to help out a new gardener. ↓

Sustainable Seed Company is a great resource for every gardener, even when they aren’t gift shopping. Family owned, USDA certified, no-GMO and 100% renewable energy powered, the company is sustainable in all respects. Spread the joy of gardening and give family and friends flowers for the holidays!

-Aidan Kelly

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