Eco-Friendly Coffee Gift Set

December 15, 2015

Caffeine is going to be necessary for anyone going back to work after the holiday break. We’ve made it easy to go from pot to mug on sustainable products in today’s Greener Giving post. Whether you go for one coffee gift or the whole set, you will be providing a more sustainable start to someone’s day.

CuppowCoffeeSockHelp a friend recover from their inevitable ham and egg-nog-induced coma, starting with a filter. When they’re loading up their coffee machine make sure that all that comes between them and their beans is 100% USDA certified organic cotton. Start this coffee-themed stocking with the CoffeeSock from Cuppow, a certified B Corporation. The sock will last 9-12 months, replacing hundreds of disposable coffee filters!

And what will they be loading that new filter with? Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, that’s what. To be certified by the Rainforest Alliance a coffee farm must meet standards set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network, which entail energy use transparency, water, soil and ecosystem conservation, wildlife protection, integrated waste management and adherence to International Labor Organization working conditions standards. Good news for you: there are plenty of farms around the world meeting these requirements, which provides plenty of options to suit your friend or family member’s coffee tastes.

Neil_ConwayAnd what type of mug do you fill with green-sourced, green-filtered coffee? You don’t put it in a paper cup. You put it in an “I am not a Paper Cup!” Complete the set and ease someone’s return to work with these sustainable alternatives to the Keurig Cup.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who isn’t a coffee-drinker, check out our post about Uncommon Goods, because they have some great alternative and organic gifts.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Cuppow, Flickr/Olle Svensson (Featured), Flickr/Neil Conway

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