Eco-Friendly Gifts: Trees, Ties and Vegan Cooking

December 17, 2015

We’re mixing it up with today’s eco-friendly gifts. A little of this, a little of that, a lot of Greener Giving. Hopefully you find something that will be appreciated!

For a Vegan

There are a number of reasons not to consume animal products. One: You love animals and don’t want to think of them being eaten or treated cruelly. Two: The livestock industry is a huge polluter, especially factory farming in the US. Three: Although the health benefits of a full-on vegan diet are uncertain, eating more fruit and vegetables and less processed food is definitely good for you. So even if you aren’t a vegan, these tasty recipes can help you balance your diet.

ccharmonThe Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon is highly rated and filled with more than one hundred different recipes. Anyone, no matter the culinary experience, can cook apps, entrees, snacks and staples, and get that so-called Vegan Glow. Makes a great gift for someone who’s been talking about going vegan or vegetarian for their New Years Resolution.

For the Tree Huggers



Trees symbolize so many things. They can be used to celebrate new life, young love or growing friendship. Christmas trees need not dominate the holidays! The Arbor Foundation has a great variety of regional trees that make great gifts. Order a variety of 25 baby trees or 50 seedlings and have personalized gifts for the whole family!


SonicNecktieFor the Suit in the Family

Buying ties for your favorite professional never fails. These stylish and sustainable Sonic Neckties are made from recycled cassette tapes (your parents will know what those are) right here in the U.S. of A..

This article is part of our Green Giving series, so if you didn’t find an eco-friendly gift here, check out our list of gifts for kids and our Green Giving post on eco-style.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Sonic Neckties, Flickr/ccharmon, Flickr/Sigfrid Lundberg


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