Gifts for Children: Amps and Animals

December 2, 2015

Today’s Greener Giving series gifts are for the little ones. One is a naturally crafted bamboo amplifier and the other is a donation to protect endangered species. These are both great sustainable gifts for children who may be too young for high-tech speakers, or who love whales, but don’t have a big enough pool.

BoozikCraftsmanLooking for an alternative present for a music lover that isn’t a gift-card? Boozik has a great alternative! 100% Bamboo and made for both Iphones and Ipads, their Fair Trade natural amplifier is an inexpensive way to reduce electricity use while you watch movies or listen to music! And, since the speaker is one piece of bamboo, there is no pollution from adhesive production. Rather than purchase fragile speakers built with plastics and foams, go for the artisan-crafted, organic option!

The Boozik is made for both the Ipad and Iphone, and doubles as stand. These amps don’t require charging, so your party won’t be tethered to an outlet, either. The company also recently released a version compatible with more Iphones and Otter Box cases, which is made from motorcycle tire inner tubes!BoozikOtter


If you know someone who cares about Bees, Whales or Elephants, they might like to give those animals a better chance of survival. Donate to the National Resources Defense Council for any number of causes, from animal protection to clean energy to education.

Does your spouse have a soft spot for Polar Bears? Donate on his behalf and help the National Resources Defense Council fight climate change and Arctic drilling.

Although you can’t buy your daughter a pet Beluga Whale, you can donate on her behalf to protect one. Threatened by pollution and oil exploration, these big goofy-looking creatures need all the help they can get.

PolarBear(Flickr:Christopher MichelWhen you’re looking to deviate from dollhouses, action figures and expensive technology, these sustainable gifts for children provide excellent alternatives. Encourage a love of music and an appreciation for nature this holiday season.

If you’re shopping for an older crowd check out our post about organic gifts and fair-trade crafts.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Flickr/Christopher Michel, Boozik

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