Gifts for Sustainable Growth: Fair Trade Footwear

December 9, 2015

Sometimes, when your significant other needs new shoes, they NEED new shoes. A lovely candle-lit dinner will always be great, but it would be better if their toe weren’t sticking out of an old pair of running shoes, right? This goes for gals and guys, and luckily Oliberté has gorgeous, Fair Trade footwear for both him and her.

At Oliberté, shoes are manufactured in Ethiopia to set an example. Fair Trade certification entails compliance with 255 measures and repeated auditing, but for Oliberté it means providing double the minimum wage required in Ethiopia, fire and emergency evacuation plans and drills, employee lockers and 90-day maternity leave. The local culture of their workers comes through in both the style and the title of each shoe, so fear not the foreign labels, but rather enjoy the distinctive flavor that you can be sure no one else will have.


ADIBO: 3-Hole Chukkas






LOMAYO: Casual Boat Shoe






VOLITA: Wedge Heel Booties with Moccasin Collar Detail










LALINA: Wedge heel bootie with wingtip detail

LalinaOne successful sustainable business can provide an example for hundreds to come. To support the trend with some trendy Fair Trade Footwear for someone you care about.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Oliberté

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