Green Gifts: Eco Decor

December 18, 2015

Every home looks better with a touch of green. Painting a friend’s house green: not a good gift. Beautiful eco decor and sustainable essentials: great gift. How you green matters, which is why we are featuring Bambeco in todays Greener Giving post. Crimson Red Recycled vase

Inspired to change the way that we shop by receding glaciers, Susan Aplin brought together the best in sustainable home furnishings. At Bambeco, the goal is to create and sell things that are simultaneously good looking and good for the environment: “reclaimed, repurposed, renewable, recycled, natural, or organic.” Cutting down on and recycling packaging materials curbs waste on the front end, and Bambeco offsets emissions by supporting renewable energy with Corporate activity takes place in a 100% wind-powered and retrofitted building and when employees aren’t at Bambeco they might be spending their five paid hours per month for volunteering on environmental projects.

A vase made of recycled glass, recycled steel and bamboo barbeque tools, or a garden in a bag, you’ll find excellent eco decor and great green wares for everyone at Bambeco. And, by partnering with focused, environmentally conscious organizations such as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, The Nature Conservancy and Climate Ride, Bambeco also makes an impact outside of the realm of sustainable furniture and decor.Slate Coasters Round - Set of 4

These coasters are made from slate, a durable rock that will protect wooden counter tops for years. They make a great gift for a friend whose wants their reclaimed wood counter tops to survive their New Year’s Eve get-together.

Reclaimed Wood Eco Living Wall




Bring your walls to life! This vertical garden is made from recycled plastics and framed with reclaimed wood for a great kitchen or living room accent. Plant herbs for fresh garnishes or succulents for a tidier look. This makes a great gift for someone looking for sustainable indoor or outdoor decorations.Light


Illuminate the garden with these adorable tea lanterns. The LED lights inside are powered by the sun and radiate beautiful colors through hand-blown glass at night. Great for a gardener or anyone else who enjoys time in their backyard.

If you had any trouble finding the perfect gift on Bambeco, try our Green Giving posts about Eartheasy for more practical gifts, or our post on Etsy for a variety of upcycled art.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Bambeco

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