Eco Style: Organic Clothing

December 10, 2015

SvilueFallCollectionLooking good is great, but feeling great about looking amazing is way better. As part of our Greener Giving series, we’re pointing out two of the top boutiques in eco style: Svilu and Synergy Organic Clothing. Who says style isn’t sustainable?

Svilu is not your long-lost European cousin with free health care. Svilu IS sustainable high-fashion. The fabric of a clothing brand is the staple of their efforts to be both modern and eco-conscious. At Svilu these staples are organic cotton, Tencel, Modal, and Bemberg, and they make for some exquisite looks.

Organic cotton: non-GMO, no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Tencel: a textile that comes from Eucalyptus tree pulp, which is treated in a closed-loop process with organic solvents. The trees grow in Forest Stewardship Council certified forest farms and are harvested in a sustainable way and not by clear cutting existing forests.

Modal: the input, Beech tree pulp, and output, Modal fiber, are produced symbiotically to minimize waste and conserve energy.

Bemberg/Cupro: These are products of cotton linter, the material surrounding the cotton seed that remains after cotton is ginned, which means it is both renewable and reduces waste.

Svilu is Global Organic Textile Certified, meaning fabrics must contain at least 70% organic fibers and that the company must meet water and energy consumption, and wastewater treatment standards. They are also certified by OEKO-TEX, which tests for illegal, regulated and harmful substances in textiles.

The Nepalese women who make Synergy Organic Clothing garments work from home with Certified Organic Cotton, affording them an opportunity to support their families and decreasing their exposure to dangerous pesticides. Synergy meets Green America certification requirements, as well as Global Organic Textile Standard requirements, which ban “toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents and genetically modified organisms.”

The founders, Kate Fisher and her husband Henry Schwab, also try to make the administrative aspects of the business more sustainable by recycling paper and shipping boxes and using solar lighting. They also donate to a variety of green organizations and partnering with the Coastal Watershed Council and the San Lorenzo River Alliance to address the issues in their community.SynergyBrand[3]

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-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Svilu and Synergy Organic Clothing

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