Green Glassware: Bottle Cutting Inc.

December 16, 2015

Green glassware made from recycled bottles makes a great gift, but at a certain point you might feel like you could just be making them yourself and saving more bottles for less money. Bottle Cutting Inc. has made it incredibly easy to do just that. In about five minutes you can turn a bottle of reasonable circumference into a usable drinking glass, vase, pencil holder, candle holder or flower pot.







Invest in the tool bundle and you have two wonderful things: gifts for everyone for the holidays and limitless green glassware for you! Industrially manufactured bottle glass is often stronger than glassware, plus you will be able to use coozies with all your cups! Gifts don’t need to be redundant, either. For one, you can cut any bottle, which gives you a range of textures, colors, shapes and sizes. Second, you can paint and decorate the bottles.

The process of cutting the bottles takes no time, and the instructional videos explain everything. We would fill two bowls or mugs with hot and cold water, rather than leave the sink running, but besides that, it really is just as simple as they make it look!

BottleCutterAbsoluteCandleThis excellent holiday gift investment comes from people who care about recycling and also make donations to sustainable organizations. Among these organizations are Fundación Yepéz A. C. in Mexico, which protects Sea Turtles, and Toronto Tool Library, an educational non-profit.

Sustainable by nature, easy to learn and cost-effective, a Bottle Cutter Kit is a bottomless (or topless, depending on how you cut your bottles) source of holiday gifts.

If glassware isn’t the right gift, maybe Fair Trade chocolate or organic soap is!

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Bottle Cutting Inc.

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