Adventure Gift: Outdoors Equipment

December 24, 2015

Since the holidays are really bearing down now, you may not have time to order something online. Luckily you can find great outdoors equipment at the nearest REI. Anyone who has been in an REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) knows about their amazing service and top quality products. What you may not know is just how dedicated this outdoors company is to sustainability.


Between 2008 and 2014, REI reduced their Greenhouse Gas emissions by 35.1 percent. In 2014 REI was an Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Leader in Green Power Purchasing, 26 REI locations used solar energy in 2014, they have a total of six LEED Certified buildings and energy efficiency retrofits cut energy use at an REI data center by 2.2 million kilowatt hours per year. They have also cancel their minimal emissions from electricity through Renewable Energy Credits. MoyanBrennREI also participates in the International Labor Organization’s Better Work Program to better monitor their manufacturing activities and in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. You can read even more about Fair Labor practices, Product Materials, Corporate and Community Partnerships, Advocacy work and the many outdoors programs organized by REI because every year REI releases a Stewardship Report to be transparent about their current status, their efforts and their goals for the future.

REI also provides grants to local non-profits and supports green organizations from the Alaskan Center for the Environment to the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve to the Western North Carolina Alliance. In 2014 alone REI gave 4.6m in grants, adding to their 50m total contributions to stewardship projects since 1976. Outdoors equipment is one of the best ways to get a friend into the wild, but preserving that wilderness is just as important.

Flickr:Image Catalogue Since humble beginnings, REI has helped millions to enjoy the outdoors by offering everything from tents to crampons to yoga mats. Help someone get into the wild, see the forest AND the trees, and smell spring after the never-ending winter. And if they’re the impatient sort, get them out there now with snow shoes or a warm jacket.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Flickr/Joseph, Flickr/Moyan Brenn, Flickr/Image Catalog

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