Spring Cleaning Tips: Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

March 7, 2016

With temperatures on the rise and spring close on the horizon, Eco News Network has teamed up with organizing and cleaning expert, Sarah Buckwalter of Organizing Boston and Organizing U to offer easy spring cleaning tips.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Clean up and clear out those pesky havens for stashed stuff that you don’t need or that could even be harmful to your health with these basic spring cleaning tips and turn your attention to outdoor fun.

Today Sarah offers these spring cleaning tips for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Kitchen Cabinets

Start by emptying all of the food items from your kitchen cabinet or pantry and wiping down the shelves. If it’s time (and this will be obvious folks), replace the shelf liner.

Spring Cleaning TipsLook at expiration labels and ingredient labels and remove anything that is expired or doesn’t fit in with your current way of eating. When was the last time you used items that don’t have an expiration date – spices, cake decorating supplies, etc.? Eliminate it if you can’t remember.

If you have dry goods stored in their original packages, consider purchasing containers for flour, sugars, and grains.

Wipe down the cans and bottles that you intend to keep before placing them back on the shelves. And organize the cabinets by the way you use the items so you can easily see when you need to restock and not buy items you already have on hand.

Next in the kitchen spring cleaning category, continue on to the junk, all-purpose, and gadget drawers. Follow the same method of completely emptying the space and starting from scratch with re-stocking those items you actually use and that are not broken. Do you really need 10 sets of chopsticks from your favorite Chinese restaurant?

Bathroom Cabinet Spring Cleaning Tips

When addressing your bathroom, empty cabinets below and above the sink. Clean the area thoroughly and check expiration dates on medication, first aid items, and cough and cold remedies. If you can’t identify it or if it’s an old prescription that you no longer use or that has expired get rid of it, but make sure you do so responsibly.

Prescription medications can be safely and legally recycled at most town police stations in a lock box. Out of date over the counter medication should be thrown away in a container with something unappealing, like used cat litter or coffee grounds, to ensure that animals and humans will not consume them.

Use the sniff test for makeup and cosmetics. If you can’t remember the last time you used it, you don’t need it. If it smells off or the substance has separated or turned a funny color, toss it! If moisturizers are watery, they are too old. Wash makeup brushes thoroughly in warm water and Woolite or another mild cleanser and lay flat to dry.

Combine and contain like items such as first aid items, cold remedies, oral health items, etc. Place hair products together, moisturizers and skin cleansers together, and similar broad categories so that you can see what you have and avoid over-buying.

-Sarah Buckwalter

About Sarah

Sarah Buckwalter is a Certified Professional Organizer® with over 16 years of experience running an award-winning organizing business, Organizing Boston , the largest professional organizing business in New England. Nationally recognized as an organizing industry expert, Sarah shares her expertise through speaking, writing and on television. She has appeared several times on the hit series, “Hoarding: Buried Alive” on TLC.

With a desire to share her knowledge and expertise, Sarah developed Organizing U, an online education and training platform to help professional organizers and small business owners achieve their dreams of success.

 Photos provided by Organizing Boston.

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