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With temperatures on the rise and spring close on the horizon, Eco News Network has teamed up with organizing and cleaning expert, Sarah Buckwalter of Organizing Boston and Organizing U to offer easy tips for home office organizing this spring.

White office shelves with folders and different stationery, close up

White office shelves with folders and different stationery, close up

With a rising number of Americans working from home at least part of the time, many of us struggle with home office organizing. Many are still reluctant to give  up the paper trail and switch to e-statements and e-bills among other home office organizing strategies.

It’s easy for the desk to become a catch-all for all sorts of items including catalogs and unwanted mail that you feel you have to look through before tossing it. Reduce that paper and waste by unsubscribing to any magazines or catalogs you don’t absolutely want. Recycle all of the winter and holiday catalogs now that spring is around the corner.

Make a rule of thumb for home office organizing that you must be able see your desk. If you don’t have space to work, it’s time to get rid of something. Look through your pile of to-dos and eliminate anything you haven’t responded to like surveys, credit card offers and articles that you could find on-line.

If you missed out on correspondence like a thank you note or a birthday card, make a correspondence list on your computer and send that person an email or a note wishing them a happy spring and acknowledging whatever the event was.

Also remember that if you are using your computer as your “filing cabinet,” be sure to have a reliable online backup service or an external hard drive to back up your files regularly. Purge your online or paper files and emails when home office organizing. Delete or recycle/shred old or insignificant documents, correspondence and receipts.

Sort through your office supplies stored in cabinets or drawers. Toss old items, dried up pens, folders and envelopes that are wrinkled and unusable. Pair down categories such as paper clips, binder clips, staples, note pads and pens. These items can be donated even if they are not in packaging. If they are still useful, someone else can use them!

-Sarah Buckwalter

About Sarah

Sarah Buckwalter is a Certified Professional Organizer® with over 16 years of experience running an award-winning organizing business, Organizing Boston, the largest professional organizing business in New England. Nationally recognized as an organizing industry expert, Sarah shares her expertise through speaking, writing and on television. She has appeared several times on the hit series, “Hoarding: Buried Alive” on TLC.With a desire to share her knowledge and expertise, Sarah developed Organizing U, an online education and training platform to help professional organizers and small business owners achieve their dreams of success.

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