Solar Powered VW Bus to Tour US Powered Only by the Sun

July 7, 2016

A solar powered VW bus will tour the US powered only by the sun and the imagination of filmmaker Patrick Russell. Russell will also produce a 10-minute animated film to spread the good energy news about innovation in solar power and electric cars. Pop up screenings and scheduled events will be held throughout 2017 when the film and the bus are complete. To learn more check out the video below or

“It’s the simplest and most efficient way to tell the story,” Russell adds. “And we won’t just be telling people what could be done, the solar powered VW bus will let them see the possibilities.”

Filmmaker Patrick Russell plans to use the solar powered VW bus to tour America showing the film and providing the public with a positive firsthand energy innovation experience.

“With all the media that’s circulating about the world’s energy problems including global warming and pollution, the positive developments aren’t getting much coverage. Many people are simply tuning out,” Russell says. “I aim to change that by demonstrating that practical, innovative solutions are out there.”

In his film, Russell will explore the exponential growth of solar panels and electric cars in recent years and the commonality between the two. The fun-to-watch, animated format of the film will take the complex topic of the world’s energy system and illustrate a future world of which most of us have only dreamed.

The solar VW bus conversion will be completed prior to the summer 2017 film premiere in Maine. On the national tour, Russell and his team will make scheduled stops at colleges, universities, community centers, and businesses and spontaneous “pop-up” screenings in cities and towns all across America.

Walker Film Production was founded in 2010 with a mission is to create media that will make positive changes in the world.

For more information on the solar powered VW bus or to contribute to the project visit

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