Four Artistic Gardens from Around the World

May 12, 2017

With spring in the air, the time to gain gardening inspiration is here. To help you plan your spring garden designs, Eco News Network shares these four artistic gardens from around the world.

Monet Garden: Giverny, France
artistic gardensLate in Claude Monet’s life, he had artistic gardens built in Giverny to inspire his paintings and to enjoy passing time in this floral dreamland with his family. The impressionist’s paradise is a wondrous sight to see. It is complete with the famous floating lily pond and a Japanese garden which he renovated later in his life by studying tranquil scenes from Japanese prints. Besides being Monet’s home for the second-half of his life, it is very interesting to see the various plants, flowers, and of course the unique layout and landscaping choices Monet used.

Garden of Cosmic Speculation: Scotland
artistic gardensThis unique artistic garden is so exclusive; it is only open to the public once a year. The reason is because it is not actually a public garden. It is located at the Portrack House, the private residence of Charles Jencks and his late wife, Maggie Keswick. The amazing thing about this artistic garden is that it is a completely unconventional. The garden’s theme is based around science and math, drawing inspiration from black holes, modern physics, and geometry. The couple spent many years designing the garden (she was a Chinese garden expert) up until her death in 1995. The garden is open once a year to raise money for Maggie’s Centres, a cancer care foundation named in honor of Maggie Keswick.

Keukenhof Gardens: The Netherlands
artistic gardensKeukenhof means ‘kitchen courtyard’ in Dutch. The reason for the name is because for centuries, the area was part of the Teylingen Castle. Food and game were hunted and collected in the area for Jacoba van Beieren and the castle’s kitchens. Nowadays, the area is a haven for a multitude of flower varieties. This artistic garden boasts 7 million tulips and is a sight that will truly amaze visitors. If you make it to Keukenhof, be sure to see the Russian black tulip Baba Yaga, one of the most unique flowers in Keukenhof.

Gardens of Versailles: Franceartistic gardens
Probably the most famous garden in the world, the gardens at Versaille are something worth waiting in line for (it’s a giant line). It was built for Louis XIV and designed by Andre Le Notre. Since the grounds were made up of mostly marshes, soil had to be transported in wheelbarrows to help create this amazing place. These artistic gardens are full of history!

Photo Credit: Flickr/ell brown, yellow book, RightIndex, buggolo